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Huh! I remember seeing another one of your animations (Pixel Mythology) uploaded a few years ago, and holy crap have you improved since then! Your characters' movements here are so smooth and natural, and hot dang do the designs and body language seem much more fluid too! I also really like the creativity in the of the scenes (like the clothes swapping parts) and also how the music video itself seems centered around all of these different personalities. I also love the reoccurring flying shark. lel

But yeah! Good stuff, hope to see more of these in the future.

I've been waiting for so long to see someone make a parody of storytime animations, and I gotta say that I'm really surprised that not very many people poke fun at this.

I felt like some of the jokes could have landed better or maybe some background music could have been included, but other than that I thought this was pretty great.

I wanted to avoid looking at completed parts before the whole thing was put together so I could kind of see it in a "fresh" point of view, and I gotta say that it came out great! Everyone did a fantastic job and I really liked how experimental/initiative some of the parts got.

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[edit] So there is a way to skip it, but that really should be made clear from the get-go. A lot of games have a large "press --- to skip" on the intro screen.

Aside from what's already been mentioned, I feel like that intro goes on for WAY too long since there is no way to skip it. The text passes by painfully slow, and since the music loops after only about 30 seconds, makes that very noticeable as well-- most of the OST seems to be a few notes progressing upward and then repeating.

As for combat, I feel like it would move along a lot smoother if you could select your creature's attacks all at once rather than: select, attack, select, attack, take damage, take damage. I also feel like gameplay-wise, this is nothing too new and that I could go play Starbound and tame monsters, or play Pokemon and have a similar experience.
Also the AI is isn't very smart in any situation. With that first boss with all slimes, my damage got killed off and I had one that was weak to water, and I still won because they would attack my slime even though it resisted them. Or they'll attack the creature that has a massive shield. Basically, there's no feeling of challenge at all since bosses don't use any strategy, they just have X buff that makes them a little stronger. I mean, what's the point of weaknesses if only the player is the one actually using them? It would be no different if the abilities were just a bunch of random slashing and buffing attacks.
Heck, the parkour feels more difficult than the gameplay at times.

I really like the idea, but there are games that have been presented much better than the way it was here.

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I gotta say, I really really like this design. Combining the portals with the bar at the top would be really nice and make everything look more smooth, and I love how the placement of movies and games would make them stand out even more and make everything look less cluttered. I do think that showing icons with supporter icons would make it look more homey, but I'm not much of a graphic designer so it's probably best to take that out anyway.

I don't really have much to say since you elaborated a lot in the description (which is absolutely not a bad thing) or anything to give feedback for aside from non-objective stuff.

willKMR responds:

Thanks Oddlem! I could definitely find a way to sneak some Supporter labels in there.

While your technique and rendering is amazing, I feel like the composition needs some work-- at first glance, it's very hard to read what's happening since the subject doesn't really "pop" out from the background. Maybe try making it contrast more from it by making the tree lighter or fade away into the distance?
Other than that, it's really dang good.

When I first clicked on this, I thought that someone just uploaded a photo because this looked so real. Your sense is lighting is fantastic!

Really great stuff here, keep it up!

RobinsonAnimation responds:

Thank you for your kind words, feel free to leave any criticism i'm looking to improve in any areas that may need work on. More eyes the better.

I cant really give you any tips more than that i watch a load of YouTube videos and paint in Photoshop ha.


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