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Hi my name's Odd and I still haven't grown past my "I only like drawing anime" phase.


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Oddlem's News

Posted by Oddlem - 6 days ago

tomorrow on the 19th. Gettin a bird and finishing my midterm for my online class, woo!

Posted by Oddlem - 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the sick new update


Posted by Oddlem - February 17th, 2019

YO yo YO, just your neighbourhood grandma here to just you and important message:

Even if you FEEL like you don't learn anything from studying anatomy, DO IT! I'm going into nursing, and realized that poses, something I struggled immensely with, now comes to me so much easier even without doing gesture drawings because of me taking an anatomy course. Like look back at my work two years ago, everyone looked stiff as hell like they just got resurrected from a wax factory. I mean they STILL look pretty waxy, but not as much as before-- I did studies last year, then stopped because I felt like I wasn't improving. Thing is, I was just drawing from reference calling it a day. But referencing and studying are two totally different things, which I just came to realize right at this very moment.


If you struggle with anatomy, like let's say hands+arms, take a day and really study the carpals, radius, ulna. Did you know that your elbow is actually the olecranal of your tiny ulna bone? Well, probably, I'm really slow and don't know too much so that's probably the case here anyway.

But regardless! Do that. Learn EVERY region of the bones, too, not just the main stuff like what a femur is or the fact that you have bones in your body. You'll improve before your very eyebal

Anyway it's way too early in the morning and Mango keeps trying to lay on my keyboard so grandsmas signingi out



Posted by Oddlem - January 10th, 2019

Didn't wanna post this on my Twitter since whenever I make updates I always lose a couple followers, so:


Apparently the stress from having to take care of Raptor and getting less than ~6 hours of sleep at max each night gave me a big ol' ovarian cyst (basically in summary, makes me feel real sick and get random chills/really intense shooting pains in my abdomen). I really wanna make some art, but right now I'm gonna hold off for a bit until I can go to an appointment on the 15th to get that sucker checked out for a peace of mind. 

But yeah! After this is all over, I should go back to my old art routine and post often again since (hopefully) Raptor will be all healed up and I'm assuming the cyst'll go down. Just wanted to share an update since it's already been a whole month after I last made/posted artwork officially. :O Also this ain't a complaint or anything-- I don't really mind this all happening since hey, shit happens, but I figured it's good to not drop off the face of the planet like I usually do. 


Posted by Oddlem - December 17th, 2018

So some people who know me might know that my family's (even though he was technially mine) cat Pepper passed away on the 24th last month, and my own cat that I got when I was 13 just got full urinary tract blockage and is staying overnight at the vet. AND to top it all off, he has a heart murmur which could either be something the vets need to be careful about, or it could be REALLY bad and he could potentially die from the surgery. 


So tl;dr: 

Will be taking a bit of a break from Ocember, at least for the next few days. I have this and then a final project I have to complete so I'm gonna be taking extra time to relax. 

So if I'm not updating the thread along with some people, don't be alarmed. I'll take a day some time after this is settled and catch up again. Right now I'm not in the right mind and I need to calm down a little. 


Posted by Oddlem - December 12th, 2018

I made a proper commission sheet so I'm remaking my newspost! :0


Price may vary depending on if a bust, waist-up, knee-up, or fullbody image

**Detailed backgrounds are an additional $2.00**
(Plain gradients and abstract shapes will not cost extra)


Commission Details:

You will receive a full resolution image, along with the .psd file once the image is completed. 
- I should take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete it
- I would like to be payed upfront
- $2.00 more will be charged for an additional character added

I will not draw:

- heavy amounts of NSFW; mild nudity is fine but I will not draw actual porn scenes, to put it bluntly.
- clear fetish work-- not that it's bad, but I prefer not to draw things like that. 
- no children
* no refunds after the artwork has been completed*


If interested, please make sure to note/DM me the following:

  • - a title with the word "Commission" in it
  • - type of commission (eg. a flat coloured bust, a full body sketch) 
  • - a description of the character, very preferably with a visual reference sheet
  • - whether or not I may post the image
  • - (optional) if ordered, what you would like the background to be
  • - (optional) any additional comments/concerns/hopes/dreams/aspirations

Posted by Oddlem - December 2nd, 2018

Made the thread for OC December if anyone wants to join in.


Posted by Oddlem - December 1st, 2018

Since this isn't a real thing, I wasn't sure whether I should make a thread for it or not in the art forums.

Basically, OCember's focus is to flesh out old/current characters and to also get better at designing new ones. I made a prompt list, but you're free to follow your own-- as long as you're doing art for each day. 

So I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in participating? Because it would be kinda (for lack of a better word) awkward if I were to make a thread but be the only one posting in it. ;w; 

Posted by Oddlem - November 6th, 2018



But I have to because I like to, so leaving this here


Posted by Oddlem - October 5th, 2018

Got a temp part time job today! Only pays minumum wage but hey, money's money. And everyone there is really nice so that's a definite plus. 


But anyway, since I'm taking both a hardcore anatomy class and having a job at the same time, I'm probably not going to lurk on the forums as much as I used to. I'll of course still post art and stuff, but that's the thing-- I'm going to prioritize doing art over browsing. So ye! If I disappear for certain amounts of time, that's probably why.