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I completely forgot to do my annual recap oopsie uh oh, but holy crap what a challenging year. I successfully moved to colombia and was getting ready to start teaching online, then a school needed a native english teacher and thought I'd give it a go as an assistant teacher. They gave me 11 grades to teach, made me almost full time, and I had to somehow make lesson plans for each of them. I got so drained that I barely talked to anyone or drew at all.

Then I went back to the states for a week 1/2 and got Mango back, but because of Raptor's heart condition I couldn't take him on the plane. Then I found out they don't allow birds on the plane either so I had to break everyone apart.



I miss these lil dudes so much

On the creation side, I got to help @staggernight with some voice lines which is always a treat. I fricken love the energy of your stuff dude!!

I started a youtube channel about 2 years ago, and it kinda died just because of how crazy this year is. But I've got some big projects I'm starting up, so I'm gonna be creating more stuff soon!

Then we started the ben club. At first, it was just me n @skoops. Then a couple of other people joined in. Then @misterbright joined in, living up to his name and making a dead server alive again with his BRIGHT BEN LIGHTS!! These guys turned out to be such an amazing group, super fun n supportive people. I'd link more names but I'm not sureeee if they would be okay with that. But just know that all of you guys made my year so much better, and I'm so thankful you brought me out of my shell after such a turbulent point in my life.

*Also I'm pre-emptively gonna say this just in case, but I'm not gonna invite anyone who asks to join. We just periodically invite people who are either pee fans or sudheer babu fans

And last but not least, shoutout to the NGP for asking me to come on. The same goes for you dudes, things like that has helped me so much mentally, you have no idea. Even tho jack and chris are VERY smelly and don't like peeing, I'm super grateful for you fricks and bless you with MANY clogged toilets in this new year


It was a sucky horrible year but also an amazing year at the same time. I had to leave some pets behind, but I also get to live with matt (@matthewlopz). I had a job of nightmares, but now I can look into buying a house in the future and not rent forever. So it's just been a lot of adjustments, and new experiences I needed to learn how to deal with. Hopefully next year is smooth sailing, onward to 2023!!!



Available for Work

Looking for work (Artist/Voice Actress)

Are you looking for a voice actress that screams a lot? What about one that does goofy voices?

I do exclusively those two things

Nah, I'm just pulling your leg lmao, but I do have a wide range of voices and am looking for work-- paid work only though!

My rate is $5 per line, but I can negotiate depending on the situation

Here's my demo reel:

(little bit outdated)

And some examples of previous work:



Upfront payments only

ermm mm hermm ermm hm mm that's it!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) for now


I also do art too! Here's some examples of that:

(previous commission)


(Personal work)


And my prices for those if you're interested:


thank you for your time and reading through this far!

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