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Oddlem's News

Posted by Oddlem - August 15th, 2021


merry triothy day



Posted by Oddlem - August 8th, 2021

I made an announcement on twitter a while back but I didn't want to post here since there's a certain creepy individual who I didn't want to see my face, but now due to circumstance I can, SO!!

I started a youtube channel a while back doing commentaries similar to old h3h3productions videos, I'd appreciate it a lot if you could give it a look!!


I recommend this one if you can handle fairly gross stuff:


bless up, game on



Posted by Oddlem - July 22nd, 2021

FINALLY after 3 whole years I finished my first full animation lmaooo

not because I wanted it to be outstanding, I just kept forgetting B)

if it does well, I might make more tho!! and if I do, you can expect much better quality (and it won't take 3 years this time lmao let alone a single year)

here u go

to be completely honest I am not sure if it's any good because of the fact that I've worked on it for so long, but I hope you like it!!


Posted by Oddlem - July 2nd, 2021



Posted by Oddlem - May 28th, 2021


Sorry to repost and delete, I was super super excited and posted immediately but honestly I kinda want to do something special since all my other pals have done that once they reached 1k

ALSO BY THE WAY WARNING this is going to get VERY sappy. Also no I'm not drunk!!!!!

SO!! Now that I have you here, lemme tell you a story

This is not to be taken as pity, in fact please don't apologize for me cause I have no idea how to respond when I get stuff like that. It's all good now, I don't let it define me and I've certainly moved past it

Picture a 13 years old girl, entering highschool for the first time. Very nervous but excited!! (actually here's a photo from this year for funsies lmao)


that was ME!!!!! time is in fact linear and I was once a baby man!!!! woah!!!

then I realized I had 4 classes with one boy. I gave him a note one day asking if he wanted to play league of legends lmao so dumb, but that same boy I went on to date for 7 years. Without any exaggeration, those were some of the saddest days of my life. It started off dysfunctional but not THAT bad, progressively getting worse and worse until around 6 months in, a very traumatic thing happened in my family. That kickstarted not only being stressed from this relationship I got myself into, but now my whole family being torn apart.

I don't say this by the way to be like WOE IS ME I am sad LOOK AT ME!!! Here's the thing: everything is fine now! I'm just painting a picture to describe what kind of person I was.

Basically, you can see that I wasn't exactly in the highest of spirits for a very long time.

I wasn't allowed to be friends with guys, if I were I were shamed and called tainted.

As you can imagine, because of this, I was a very anxious and self-conscious girl. At this point, I had also been trying to do art for a while. I had a Deviantart account, but I wasn't satisfied with it for a myriad of different reasons so it was at this time I tried branching out to different sites. Pixiv, tumblr, toyhouse, reddit, artstation, conceptart.org, wysp, you name it. Any obscure art site you can find, I probably have an account there with crappy art from 2015 lmao

Then I got to Newgrounds. "Oh, but this is a porn site." Despite many other 15 year olds, I was scared of porn lmao. Can you believe it? After a quick browse though, I realized it wasn't as shady as I thought. I thought "Frick it, what's the worst that'll happen" and made my account.

Of course, all of this buildup means nothing because I had made an account a year prior LMAO

Anyway, I had decided to make my first forum post. Forums were nothing new to me, my warrior cats roleplays (I WAS 11 SHUT UP) and time on the Deviantart forums made me understand how they functioned.

"Can I Have Critique on my Art"

It was at this point in time, despite everything I was going through, that I finally found a place where I felt at home. And I didn't even know this until much later.

Fastforward to 2018. I had made a Discord account back in 2015 for league of legends and eventually, as Discord became more normalized, I had switched over a year or two later from Skype.

I find out "oh crap there's a new unofficial Newgrounds server" bam, joined. From this point, I had met the coolest people I've ever met. I felt guilty and disgusting, since most of them were guys, but my ex was less authoritarian at this point in time so I was allowed to be friends with these people. I meet a guy named Henryeyes and get invited into Hotbun. I can honestly say, I'm so thankful and grateful that I was able to be a part of this because this was truly the happiest I'd been in literal years. Thank you all for being there for me, for giving me advice, for giving me a place I could truly call home. I'm sorry I had taken so long to get to this point in this newspost, but I wanted to articulate how I felt and as a result, how happy I was to make so many friends so close to my heart.

I even met my fiancé @matthewlopz in there who is so god damn special to me. That's a whole other piece of lore right there!! I could talk about how we met and how happy he makes me feel for ages but then this would go past the word limit ehehehe

He really did change my life though too, I've learnt so god dang much just from being with him and feeling so happy!!

Thank you all, best friends, close friends, acquaintances, the Newgrounds community. I want to send my thanks to everyone, without a doubt my life has been changed for the far better which may have never happened if I never joined Newgrounds.

And to my good friends

From the bottom of my heart, whether we still speak regularly or whether it's been months, you'll always be important to me. Thank you all for being here with me on this crazy wild ride, I really do truly mean that.



Posted by Oddlem - April 11th, 2021

newgrounds type beat



Posted by Oddlem - February 9th, 2021


ooba booba

also my icon's gone full circle, back to the same oc I used as my icon when I first joined B)


Posted by Oddlem - December 31st, 2020

man this year has been fricken interesting lmao, so many things have happened both good and bad, just that a LOT of that has happened LOL

I got out of a super fricken toxic relationship around august/september of 2019 (which was a 7 year long relationship which is why I bring it up!!) and met my froggie @matthewlopz (if I say more I'm gonna pda and then this post gonna be full of cooties!!!!)

I also improved a lot on myself as a person and on my art!! I guess I got more loosey goosey or somethin LOL

went out of the country for the first time in january 2020 and that changed my perspective on life sooossooso fricken much

also I got a bird

and started doing more voice acting type stuff

OH and I got my first front page this year!!!!! that made me insanely happy, I still appreciate that so much

I also met a ton of cool new pals!!! and I had a lot of important friends support me throughout the year and I appreciate you all, even if I don't say it

idk what my life woulda been like if I haven't been on newgrounds, you all mean a lot to me

shoutout 2 my homies @wandaboy @carmet @loganphresh @snackers @dogl @mkmaffo @loganphresh @mucctucc (get a newgrounds again you frick!!) @pktoasty @kawaiisprite @lobstermango @chipsgowoah @joe-mega @irri @bbqsetti @littlebox @rgpanims @nickconter @mimny @coby @jrx @mogy64 @jteio @deegeemin @thriftman @Xinxinix @jollybag @kyuri08 @milkyace (I know we haven't talked much but you seem very cool and either way I respect ya a lot!!), @milkbarjack @luis @octong and sosososo many more

n other people who don't have a newgrounds like kevin and roxxie!!

and @henryeyes, even tho you're not on this site anymore you'll always be my friend and I'll always remember you

seriously I don't think I've ever expressed that enough, I'm so grateful to have met every one of you throughout the years

I wish I could write a giant list of what makes and every one of you so cool but that would be insanely long and that would take forever to write

but thank you all for bein my friends

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! onward to 2021!!!!!!!!!!!

and sorry for the mass pings idk if this was a bad idea but I'M ROLLING WITH IT CAUSE YOU ALL MEAN A LOT 2 ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Oddlem - June 27th, 2020

(edit) for some reason it's resolution got really wonky and I can't really change that, there's a less crinkly image here

hey guys it's me leafyishere I'm opening up commissions again



Posted by Oddlem - June 9th, 2020

ugh god this sand is so relaxing i love getting sand in my eyelids