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I wanted to avoid looking at completed parts before the whole thing was put together so I could kind of see it in a "fresh" point of view, and I gotta say that it came out great! Everyone did a fantastic job and I really liked how experimental/initiative some of the parts got.

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The animation itself is really good, however it's really only a running cycle in a loop. It's short, and there's not really much content despite it's great quality. I really think this should be in the art portal as a gif, and not in the movie portal since it has no sustenance for entertainment.
Don't get me wrong though, the animation looks amazing! I like her expression, the orange hue to the colors, and the nice use of perspective. I would definitely love to see more work in this style in the future.

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LoungeCartoon responds:

Thanks for the response! I am trying to improve my animation skills, learn how to use Newgrounds, and I will keep the advice in mind :)!

I was... not expecting that. At all. The other animations that you've done (that I've seen) are upbeat and happy, so that twist was really surprising and made it hilarious in some weird way. For a beginner, your animation is pretty good although it does look pretty stiff. The art style's also pleasing to look at, and I absolutely love how you're going for an older appearance.
Nice job man! :D

Hurrdurr-hd responds:

Thank you Meowberry for your comment. I'm doing by best to give my viewers a good quality animation. Good to hear that I could surprise you :D

SFMs aren't exactly popular on Newgrounds, but I kind of liked it. The pacing was good, the music fit well, and the story is pretty clear. Don't worry, it's not cringeworthy. :P Although, I thought it was pretty cheesy and even though the story is easy to understand, I thought it was kind of overdone. Also, this is likely out of your control, but the models are pretty out of date and I think it would have been best to use ones from other games. It kind of takes away from it, if that makes sense.

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Klaytoid responds:

I understand. SFM is kinda hard to be creative with since I only have limited models and knowledge on how to create my own for 3D animation but, this is my first actual Animation that I aimed for a serious dramatic approach. It's not Golden, but I plan on going back into some Flash animation to expand my techniques and knowledge with 2D animation. I don't plan on sticking with SFM because it's hard enough to make things work within Source as it is. But, I'll probably do something else with it that doesn't seem mediocre. I appreciate your feedback a lot. YouTube doesn't have a helpful community so I'm glad I stuck with newgrounds!

Thank you very much!


I'm seriously considering insta-choosing Litten (and I usually take a while to figure out which starter to go with).
Aside from that completely irrelevant thing I just said, I actually really like the joke behind this. The animation feels a bit sub-par, but I think the humor makes up for it. When I first saw it, I was expecting something unfunny but I came out laughing instead which is always a nice thing to happen.
Also a side note, the audio is super low and I can't hear it well even on high volume, but I don't think it's that bad on itself. It's feels a little 'dead,' but it's still okay.

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Normally, if this same joke was represented but with any other kind of 2D animation, this probably wouldn't even have the same impact whatsoever. The animation is AMAZING. Like, ho-ly crap. So many frames, so much movement. It's fucking great. That, though, is what actually gives it a creepy/weird vibe. I've also been on the internet a LONG time, and I've seen a lot of things. But this is actually the weirdest animation I've seen in a long time, which says a lot.
This is just great, and I don't even think I can describe how exactly I feel about it. Great job man. :>

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I went in expecting this to be cheesy or bad in some kind of way but... for once I actually have no complaints. I can't find a single thing I didn't like about it, and I actually love it. This was executed amazingly; The music, the transition from each game, the art, the symbolism/color, and much more. I even felt emotion when I finished watching it which is something I personally find rare in a serious animation. Most of the time it's either too cheesy or has a good concept but shows it poorly in one way or another.
Fantastic job on this. :D

The jokes in this were kind of overused- whether it was from the other League animations or just a joke form the game itself. Most League of Legends animations/parodies seem to do this a lot. There's no personal "twist," which makes it less memorable and lumps it with all of the others. There were moments when I got a chuckle, but the humor faded as an overly used joke was made directly afterwards. This kind of reminds me of all of the Pokemon animations inspired by Egoraptor's version; they were essentially copy/pasted. Don't get me wrong though, this isn't entirely the case for yours as it does have a few funny moments as I previously mentioned, yet at the same time there's not quite enough of it. It's "so close yet so far," basically.
Apart from this though, the animation was pretty nice and I loved the color pallet choices. The art itself seemed to be pretty good too.
Other than that though, I can't really say that this is exactly the best due to seeing a similar formula appearing quite a bit. :P

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The animation was actually pretty good- especially for being made in the timespan of a week. However, the audio is terrible (too low in both quality and volume) and it wasn't particularly funny especially since the end was a predictable explosion.
I understand that you only did this in a week, but I don't believe that I should give it more credit than it truly deserves because of that fact. :P

CaptainPlazma responds:

I completely understand and respect your opinion. Honestly I agree with you with all of it and also thank you for explaining your opinion and giving your constructive criticism.

The animation seems pretty unfinished and rough, but still looks pretty great despite that. Also the lines look a little pixelated, but I'm sure that's flash's fault and not yours. :P
Overall, it's pretty nice (although I'm not a fan of the music) but like I said, it feels unfinished and that takes away slightly. The effort's appreciated though, since it's an entire two minutes of straight up animation with no tweening. That stuff's hard to do.

It's not completely perfect, but either way nice job. :D

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JayBezzy responds:

hahaha, i know its faaaaaaaaaaar from perfect, but i finally did something ive always wanted to do which is make a short film, so im still pretty excited either way. Thanks for taking the time out to critique my work i definitely appreciate it :)

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