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OMG I know the feel! At this point, I don't even bother with lineart anymore since I end up just getting bored with whatever I'm working on. >:0

But anyway! I love how subtle the colours are in this, as well as how messy the lineart is (I personally feel messy lines adds an extra "oomph" to the artwork, for lack of a better word). Also the character herself is adorable. ovo

I absolutely love the way you render out hair, it looks so smooth and shiny. *w*

rehdah responds:

Thank you so much!

Omg what, I just saw this on Deviantart through Damai. I thought the thumbnail looked familiar! lol
Anyway! I really like the way you do expressions for some reason, though I feel like it would be more fitting if the tail was coiled around tighter in order to match his expression. Other than that I think this is pretty spot on, 10/10.

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This art piece is my spirit animal.

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your painting style! ;o; All of your colour choices are nice and toned down giving it a subtle, melancholy feeling to it, and the character is adorable as heck. >u<

Great job on this mate :D

Hammaliel responds:

Ohhh thankyou!

I love the the simplicity of this, it makes it all comes together pretty nicely *o*

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I'm in love with the linework on this <3 The colours are fantastic as well, and I really like your use of blues to make it feel mysterious.
The only thing I think could be improved on is the shading. I feel like if you used more intense shading, it really would have helped improve the tone of the piece and give it more depth overall.

But besides that, great work >w<

Nanocanyon responds:

Yeah , I didn't really did do much with the shadow and stuff , thanks for the tip :D

I love that rippling effect you've used, it looks really beautiful along with the pallet you chose. ;o;

I respect the non-neon hotline Miami art.

In better specifics, I love how you did the background with the trees wilting. It's really fitting with the subject since it helps give it a feeling of uneasiness when paired with a chicken man. Nice job man! :D

SlowlyRot responds:

Thanks for the response! This is actually one of my first pieces that contain a background, so I'm glad I'm hearing good feedback on it so early on!

Such a cute design! I'd love to see more art of her in the future. :D

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