So my drawing tablet just died

2017-04-30 20:24:17 by Oddlem

(edit) So I decided to go back and test it out again in CloudAlpaca instead of SAI, and my pressure works flawlessly there. :0 So I guess something happened with SAI and it's possible that something in there got corrupted. So that kinda sucks.

My point still stands about the wacom drivers though, I've always had issues with them. :v


You will not be missed because your drivers were created by sentient rocks.


I've been having problems with it's drivers about year after I got it in 2013, and it seemed like every fix I'd try only worked once and after that one time, would not work again. I used to fix it by restarting the Human Interface, Tablet PC Input, and Wacom services, (since every single other method did nothing) but now it seems like that finally just stopped working. I tried reinstalling the drivers themselves (since I tested out CloudAlpaca and an error popped up saying that it didn't detect it), and the issue was still there. I even tried my old method of restarting services like 50 times and that didn't work either. So at this point, I think it's time to lay this thing down.

Also tablets now cost about $350 (even though it was about $150 when I first got mine) which is super ridiculous since there's no new features to make the price go up that much. But I guess that's what happens when there's no competition. So that's dumb. 


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2017-04-30 22:52:55

wa wa waaaaa

(Updated ) Oddlem responds:

Basically this in a nutshell.

But whining aside, Wacom drivers really are terrible. :P


2017-05-05 18:46:11

Morale of the story : Sai is the buggiest thing ever.
Seriously, i remember it once just stopped drawing, just like that, and i was using a MOUSE. a damn MOUSE. like damn, i wonder if Sai's devs even bother fix its bugs anymore.

Oddlem responds:

Pretty much =A=
I remember one time it stopped letting me save images, period. Like at all, and it wasn't a trial or anything. And I later found out that it basically corrupted itself somehow.

...Though this time it was because I accidentally ticked off the box that allows size to be effected by pressure. Heh, heh...