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Hi my name's Odd and I still haven't grown past my "I only like drawing anime" phase.

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Working on Animation!

Posted by Oddlem - March 13th, 2018

[edit] Accidentally deleted the WIP version, so here's the completed one instead. Sorry about that. .w .;;


Ay, long time no see. I just finished the rough parts of an animation I've been working on (and by rough, I mean there's barely any inbetweens yet). I just felt like putting this here in case I get bored and end up scrapping it, and for critque. ;u; Is there anything that seems iffy movement-wise? I'm really rusty so I'm not quite sure if I'm doing everything right. x:



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Two things to help you:

1.) a.) To embed videos in the journal entry, copy and paste the embed code from Youtube (yours is <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/WhWPolT3iuA" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>)

b.) At the top of the journal entry, click on the video reel icon (it should say "embed video" when you hover over it)

c.) Paste the embed code into the text field after you click "embed video" and the video should show up as embedded into your journal post!

2.) To make your videos into MP4s which are high-quality, you should try using Swivel, downloadable from NG! https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/flash-resources/swivel#wiki_toc_2 that's the link to download it! The instructions on how to use it are in that link also.

Hope these things are useful to you!

I can't believe I forgot about that! lol
It's even right there on the video, too. ;w;

Also thank you so much! I remember hearing about swivel but kind of forgot about it, you're a lifesaver! 0:

Good taste on the canollis, fuckin' love canolli. I liked the big lipped closeup, and that upside down leg shuffle. Also voice over was A+

Maan, canollis are fokin' great. Also thank you! 0:



Oddlem you have so much potential, keep it up I like it. I can't really judge the "movement" because so far this seems to look like a storyboard so far. BUTTTTT I think it's really goofy and cute so keep it up. You sound very young so you have a LOT of potential because your starting to work with art and animation at a young age.

Thank you! I actually managed to finish this a little while after I completed it, though the movement remained really choppy (shifty eyes). I'm also actually 18 going on 19, but I understand why you would think that. I do wish I had a little more of a headstart, but it also gives me a different perspective than the one I had as a kid (which was the "make a bunch of stick figure pictures and throw them together"), which I'm grateful for at the same time. ;u;

P.S huge fan of the BGM

LOL thank you

It's okay. You're a good animator. Not only that, you're an awesome person. Hope I'm not coming off too pushy or something... I'm nervous.