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Hi my name's Odd and I still haven't grown past my "I only like drawing anime" phase.


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Posted by Oddlem - January 24th, 2018

So I almost impulse bought a cockatiel yesterday. To be fair, it was a really cute baby one (AND it was a whitefaced pearl) that was about a month old, and it adorable lemme tell you. But yeah, I almost just dropped down 200 dollars on a birb. ;;

So moral of the story: I need supervision when I visit the pet store, otherwise I'm just gonna buy every pet in sight. >:o But yeah, as a sidenote I might get a birb soon (hopefully). That's been my goal for 5 years so I felt like that was semi-important. 


OH actually I do have something more newsworthy-- I'm trying to get into voice acting. So far it's been auditions since I don't have a demo reel yet, but I might end up posting one fairly soon. So yeah! If you need a voice actress in high to low ranges in either an overly monotone or hyper voice, lemme know. 

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Congrats on getting the birb. i'd probably do the same btw, which is why i never go to pet stores, i mean, if i see any kittens around i'd probably get them all. i wonder what your cat would think of the bird though, or if it'll "welcome" it or not even care tbh.
Good luck with voice acting btw, i remember trying to get into it a while back but listening to my voice after recording something made me reconsider. let's just say i sounded like a robot that eats cigarettes for breakfast.

I mean, I didn't actually get the birb yet (and it was young so it would have to be weaned off of baby food anyway) but I WANTED IT OOO: Also luckily we used to own birbs in the past, so I don't think Raptor will be too bothered about it and Pepper's... too fat. lol

Thank you! And samee, especially when I'm tired (which is the time I usually record stuff eugh). You should really consider it though anyway! ovo

Maybe not go to the pet store in the first place...? Didn't know birbs were so expensive! Nice slice of life story though.

And good luck with the voicing!

Yeaaaah, I probably should do that. ;u; The problem is that I always go there whenever I'm upset, so now I gotta replace it with something else which is a huge pain in the butt.

And thank you! ovo

that's a very expensive birb

Veri ;_;

How about a zoo? :P Or any place with wild animals if you have some!

Ayy, but where's the fun if I can't pet them amirite ;w;

You just have to be a little faster than at the pet store. :P

Trueee ;u;
Besides, I don't think I could give up my bird visits <3

Yeah the birds are tricky when they can fly! :D

But also extremely cute >w<

True that . :) Seems like a suitable place if any to post this random photo of whole family sitting on my window... a couple summers back: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/70645f341dc957592c365842677f404b

Good thing you didn't get the birb. That thing could've eaten your cat. Also, I hope you have an amazing time with voice acting and basically everything you are currently working on.

A cockatiel eating a fat cat? O: That'sa new one lol
But if I got a birb, my cats would luckily be indifferent since we've had birbs in the past and they didn't mind. ovo

And thank you! :D